Study: Pomegranate Found Better Than Lipitor Drug For Managing Cholesterol Level

Pomegranate is a fruit that originates from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India. It was cultivated over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times. This fruit abundant in nutrients and antioxidants has been regarded as a symbol of health, fertility, and eternal life. In recent research, it was discovered that a compound called punicalagin which is found only in pomegranates has been shown to benefit the heart and blood vessels! Punicalagin is the major component responsible for pomegranate’s antioxidant and health benefits. It lowers cholesterol, as well as blood pressure, and increases the speed at which heart blockages melt away.

Nutrition value of 1 cup of pomegranates seeds

  • Calories: 144
  • Fat: 2g or 4% of DV
  • Protein: 2g
  • Fiber: 6g/ 28% of DV
  • Vitamin C: 18g/ 30% of DV
  • Vitamin K: 28mcg/ 36% of DV
  • Vitamin E: 1mg/ 6% of DV
  • Folate: 66mcg/ 16% of DV

Recently several studies suggested that drinking pomegranate juice might lower cholesterol. It may also block or slow the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries of people who are at higher risk of heart disease. Drinking pomegranate juice has also been proved to decrease cholesterol and work better than Lipitor which is one of the drugs for managing cholesterol.

Pomegranates are believed to support the function of nitric oxide, involved in the constant repair of the cells that line the arterial walls. It was also shown that pomegranates are able to reduce the oxidative status of the bad cholesterol by unbelievable 90%!

More Benefits Of Eating Pomegranates

It’s a well-known traditional folk remedy that tea made of pomegranate peel, bark, and leaves can be used to calm disorders of the stomach or diarrhea caused by any kind of digestive problem. Pomegranate juice is also used for treating diseases like dysentery and cholera.


The consumption of this fruit can help you achieve a healthy blood flow. Pomegranate supplies iron to the blood and iron is known to help and reduce symptoms of anemia, including exhaustion, dizziness, weakness, and hearing loss.


The combination process of free radicals inside the body can be helped by any antioxidant. As pomegranates contain antioxidants, it’s obvious that they will be able to help here, as well, and protect the organism against breast cancer and prostate cancer. The nutritional benefits of a pomegranate prevent the body from cancer.


Diabetics who drink pomegranate juice can reduce the risk of various coronary diseases. There is also a reduction in the hardening of the arteries present.